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IruWay Farm

Be & Let It Be

About IruWay

Why “IruWay”?

IruWay can also be spelt iruve which in Kannada means ant. Ant is no doubt a marvelous creature. It can carry objects nearly 20 times heavier than itself. It never gives up, and always finds a way.

However what inspires us more than just the industriousness of an ant, is how ants collaborate together to build complex structures, especially the anthill. An anthill, though very simple-looking from the outside, the complexity of the structure just beneath the surface is mind-blowing.

Similarly the farm, itself collectively owned, hopes to bring people from different domains together and in turn bring about an intermingling of thought systems giving birth to eye opening new productions.

The second interpretation of the name is when we split iruway as Iru and Way. Iru in Kannada means to be. We hope living in the farm will show us the Way:

Way to farm naturally

Way to live sustainably

Way to use body and mind optimally

Way to work with people of diverse backgrounds collaboratively

And just simply the Way to Be and Let It Be !!!

Where is IruWay?

The farm is located on the foothills of Devarayandurga near Durgadahalli village in Tumakuru district. The region is encircled by a cluster of rocky hills and thick forests, which provides plenty of routes for a casual trek. Also just a climb away is the famous Devarayanadurga hill station. It is home to Bhoganarasimha and Yoganarasimha temples built by the 14th king of Wodeyar dynasty of Mysore in 17th century.

A good morning stroll from the farm takes you to scenic Durgadahalli kere (lake), where you can see the hustle-bustle of few village activities.


How to get to IruWay?

IruWay Farm is about 14kms from Tumakuru and 75kms from Bengaluru.


Stay at IruWay

There are multiple options of accomodations

  1. Dormitory
  2. Tent
  3. Pod housing

  1. Projects/Activities

Philosophy Musings with Mukunda Rao


  1. Natural Farming

A collective with various approaches to natural, organic and permaculture

  1. CrafterSpace


Jaaga Study

Live in Nature |   Do Yoga  |  Learn to Code


Butoh in the Jungle

Free Butoh School in the Jungle


Huttha Mane / Anthill Pods / Honeycomb Housing

The vision of this project is to make modular structures for living spaces. Living spaces could be bedrooms, halls, kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, etc.

Fig: Present pod sample

Hatti AdigeMane / Community Kitchen  

Work together, play together, eat together